Living Well With Illness Workshop


Your experience matters.


The Living Well With Illness Workshop is a half-day workshop for people with all types of chronic illnesses who want to gain perspective on the ways chronic illness has changed their lives and how they can improve their ability to adapt. 

Living Well With Illness workshops help people discover a more personal meaning of illness through a 3-step process:

  • Telling their story to supportive individuals.

  • Looking at the way stereotypes falsely depict what it’s like to live with a chronic illness by comparing actual lived experience to these stereotypes.

  • Engaging with guided meditation, art, and writing (Open Studio Process) to access creative insights about the personal meaning of chronic illness.



After being introduced to this new perspective on illness, participants are invited to reconsider the relationship between their illness and their being as a whole.

Much different from the role of patient in treatment, participants are invited to a creative experience to expand their view of the role of illness in their life through storytelling, reflection, art, and writing.

Perspective shift

Participants will be shown how to move from the everyday, taken-for-granted perspective on their condition to a more personal outlook based on their own experience.  When we shift attention away from all that has been lost, this allows space for the possibilities still present. 


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