Hear what our community has to say about Living Well with Illness!

It was a relief to talk with others who truly understand what it means to be living with a chronic illness. Though each of us were dealing with different situations, many of our struggles were similar. Sharing stories was extremely validating and reminded me that I am not alone.
— Leora Druckman


"As a clinician who has worked with the chronically ill for over 30 years ... I would strongly urge people who are living with a chronic illness to consider participating in a Living Well with Illness workshop."
"These sessions are unique in that they offer a fresh, new look at the issues involved with chronic illness. Specifically, they are grounded in the belief (with solid theoretical backing) that it is possible to lead a happy and satisfying life, in spite of the ups and downs of the disease."
" I find the use of art and art projects a stroke of genius! And I think these people have something very valuable to offer."

--Susan F. McDonald, ACSW

Photo by  ja ma  on  Unsplash

Photo by ja ma on Unsplash